I joined the Slow Food Challenge for the first time this year which was from September 2-9. This food challenge focuses on supporting the local community by purchasing locally sourced and produced foods. I incorporated locally bought foods from Cheapside Market in Bridgetown, along with herbs and vegetables from my home garden into some of my meals throughout the week. This was my first time shopping at Cheapside, and I had a great time talking to vendors and capturing some great content. This article is a visual representation of how I took part in the challenge.

To learn more about the Slow Food’s mission to ‘facilitate the development of food sovereignty and food security initiatives on the island’, you can visit their page here: Slow Food Barbados.

Saturday, September 1 – Cheapside Market Shopping
Cheapside Market, Bridgetown
Cheapside Market, Bridgetown

Local farmer cutting a large pumpkin. This pumpkin was sweet, creamy and soft when cooked.

Cheapside Market, Bridgetown
Fruit and Vegetable Finds
Sunday, September 2 – Slow Food Challenge Day One
Watermelon from Cheapside: This watermelon was juicy and sweet! The perfect nutritional side for breakfast on the first day of the slow food challenge.
Breakfast Day 1: Plantain bought from Cheapside Market. Eggs from Chickmont Foods.
Lunch Day 1: Sweet Potato, Carrots, Pumpkin and Plantain from Cheapside Market. Chicken from Chickmont.
Monday, September 3 – Slow Food Challenge Day 2

I ate the same Day 1 meal for lunch.

Dinner Day 2: For dinner I made a broccoli soup with broccoli bought from Cheapside Market.
Tuesday, September 4 – Slow Food Challenge Day 3
Breakfast Day 3: Although oats are not locally apart of our agriculture in terms of origin, Mum’s Oats are manufactured in Barbados and are a part of our “local food culture”. They always remind me of the oats my great gran used to make me when I was little. For my Oats recipe click here: Oats Recipe
Sauteed Breadfruit – Breadfruit picked from home.
Lunch Day 3 – Sauteed Breadfruit, Plantain sourced from Cheapside and a Quinoa mix. For my breadfruit recipe, click here: Garlic Sauteed Breadfruit
Wednesday, September 5 – Slow Food Challenge Day 4

This day I only had a snack locally sourced, not including any meals. Day 5 and 6 I was ill and I wasn’t able to prepare meals.

Juicy Plums : locally picked from a friend’s tree
Saturday, September 8 – Slow Food Challenge Day 7
My Seasoned Baked Breadfruit (breadfruit sourced from my tree at home) served as the lovely side dish to my meal. Click here for the recipe: Seasoned Baked Breadfruit

I encourage everyone to shop locally produced and sourced foods. Not only do I personally find it cheaper depending on where you buy your food from, but more importantly your supporting our local community.

Photos below are from the growing herbs and vegetables at home.

Slow challenge update! I won a category!
postAs always, thank you for visiting Bajan Bite. 🙂

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