Roasting breadfruit is a traditional Caribbean method to prepare this juicy and nutritional ground provision. Almost found in anyone’s yard around Barbados, Breadfruit trees are one of nature’s healthiest natural starches. Rich in dietary fiber, it is considered to be a “cholesterol controller”. When these gems are fully ripened, their “meaty” flesh resembles a creamy yellow colour on the inside, and the texture is soft to touch. As a lover of breadfruit, I naturally had to venture to 2 of the most popular roasted breadfruit businesses on the island, Roast Barbados 246 and Yelluh Meat. Both are delicious!

Breadfruit Roasting To Perfection

Yelluh Meat

Whole Roasted Breadfruit Close Up
Yelluh Meat Preparing their Breadfruit

The staff at Yelluh Meat were really accommodating and allowed me to take some great up close shots of the breadfruit preparation process. They cut up the breadfruit inside the bowl first, before adding the butter and the toppings.

Yelluh Meat’s Pickled Pigtails Breadfruit

The breadfruit was flavoured with garlic butter and topped off with pickled pigtails. The pigtails were tasty and plentiful, they do not shy away when it come to portions! I was pleasantly surprised. The garlic butter was light and added an additional smoothness to the texture of the breadfruit.

Yelluh Meat’s Pulled Pork Breadfruit

Filled to the brim with pulled pork! This breadfruit was also flavoured with Yelluh Meat’s garlic butter, adding even more zest to de sweet, sweet pork! I recommend trying the mello kreme as your base instead of the garlic butter, for extra creaminess! More information can be found here on their website:Yelluh Meat’s Website

Roast Barbados 246

Roast Barbados 246’s Salt Fish / Tuna Breadfruit

The breadfruit is prepared a bit differently at Roast, where although it is traditionally roasted, they creatively manage to craft the mello kreme margarine throughout the breadfruit without dicing it up. So with every scoop diving in, butter comes oozing out like MAGIC…so delicious! Creamy and satisfying! I first tried a half & half combo with salt fish and tuna.

Roast Barbados 246’s BBQ Pigtail Breadfruit

Both breadfruits came with the mello kreme, ketchup and cucumber mixture underneath the meat. The BBQ pigtails melted OFF THE BONE! So tender and masterfully seasoned. This option also had bbq sauce on top. For more information on Roast, click here: Roast Barbados 246 Website

I thoroughly enjoyed breadfruits from both establishments. Each prepared in their own unique way with bursts of creativity, and each impact-fully explode on your taste buds with each bite. I recommend trying both and let me know which ones were your favourites!

As always, thank you for visiting Bajan Bite, I hope you enjoyed the read!:)

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