These locally made cocktails from Liquor’d Up are potently delicious. They offer an assortment of creatively curated alcoholic treats including their 2020 summer specials: margaritas, sours and daiquiris. I personally love how they have revamped the popular childhood (non-alcoholic) refreshers called the “suck-ah-bubby”. As a kid, these tasted like frozen koolaid served up in a bag (as pictured below), but these ones are made for adults with a boozy touch of course 😉

From the cocktails menu I ordered the Pink Kitty and Rejuvenate mixes, which were lovely! The guava and cinnamon flavours stood out for me the most in the pink kitty mix; if you normally opt for a fruity cocktail when dining out – I highly recommend. The ginger and peach flavours peak in the Rejuvenate drink, and I found this combination to be very refreshing. This mix alerts the senses and it is not too sweet!

You can order by contacting 263-7722. Perfect for your next party, cooler event or lime! See the drink menus below.

Cocktails by Liquor’d Up
Suck-ah-bubbies by Liquor’d Up
Summer specials from Liquor’d Up
Cocktails menu from Liquor’d Up
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