Mo’s Grill is located in the popular town called Oistins on the South Coast. Oistins is especially known for its local fish market and the popular ‘Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry’ – where lots of food stalls are serving up fresh seafood, there is live music and lots of activity.

At Mo’s Grill & Bajan Cooking, one can expect nothing less than the friendliest welcome, and phenomenally FRESH LARGE portions of grilled fish. Our server Nigel was so cheerful and pleasant, I couldn’t help but try his recommendation of the grilled Blue Marlin, and let’s just say it was on point! As we conversed when I was trying to determine which side salads I wanted, he told me “You could have all 3 dah eazy“. His charming presence was appreciated, and he was so sweet he even brought us a complimentary serving of macaroni pie! 🙂


Now each fish order comes with 2 sides and 3 salads! After glancing over at another diner’s meal, my mum and I decided one dish would feed the both of us easily, yet we still had fish left over! Depending on your appetite, you may want your own dish,

IMG_3792 wlogo

At Mo’s grill the blue marlin was honestly grilled to perfection. The massive slab was so soft and seasoned with every bite, it had us constantly singing “mhmmmm’s” (the universal appreciation for amazing food). For my sides I had tasty garlic potatoes and grilled veg; which were brightly coloured and delicious. The three salads were coleslaw which wasn’t too sweet, macaroni salad, and a simple toss salad.

I had to remove the fish just to show you guys just how much food you really get! And this was only for $25!


Overall we were happy we chose this food stall because the service was top class and the food was incredible! Not to mention Oistins is located right on the beach, so we took a walk afterwards just to admire this beautiful rock we call home.

Thank you so much for visiting Bajan Bite! 🙂

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