The Tides Restaurant

Tides is one of my favourite restaurants in Barbados. From attentive, friendly service to impeccably prepared food, not to mention a spectacular sea view – it’s hard not to fall in love with this place! Pictured in the main photo is their chicken thai curry served in a coconut shell – so delicious!
My last visit to Tides was for our staff lunch, where my office bestie and I, shared our desserts! We both liked the sound of each dessert and decided this was a win-win for us.


Tuna tartare…
was my appetizer – fresh, zingy, smooth and crispy. All the right textures dancing to a sweet melody. This tuna was heavenly and served on a zesty spiced mango salsa which was sweet and tart. There were drops of a silky avocado puree – I certainly would’ve enjoyed more of them! The wonton crisps were freshly prepared as though they just came out the fryer!
For my main…
was the tender, lightly seasoned pan roasted Scottish Salmon with a pillowly textured lemon & fennel risotto – decorated with a mango and jalapeno salsa for a slight kick! The risotto sat in a generous serving of a scrumptious baby prawn & smoked salmon sauce, which marinated with the risotto and salmon beautifully. The sauteed spinach was a nice surprise in this dish, peeking out from the bottom of the sauce. I enjoyed every bite, and I am salivating right now as I think back on this enjoyable foodie experience.
For dessert…
I had the moist, little sticky toffee pudding, with a velvety salted caramel sauce (which I love!), crunchy roasted walnuts, and a creamy vanilla ice-cream. A tangy raspberry sauce laced the dessert to balance out all the sugary goodness. A crunchy, sweet but salty, and tangy mashup always makes my taste buds overjoyed.
Ashli, my office bestie had the tuxedo cheesecake which was a layered chewy brownie & orange cheesecake with chocolate fudge, served with a lemon curd ice- cream. This dessert was a really refreshing, unique treat! Though both desserts were enjoyable, I favoured this one a bit more!
As always, thank you for visiting Bajan Bite. I hope you enjoyed the read! 🙂

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