Tapestry Restaurant describes their foodie aesthetic as “Where Creativity Meets Cuisine”.

My first visit to this restaurant was special as I was meeting up with an old friend from primary school who I hadn’t seen in about 5 years! As we exchanged stories and caught up, we enjoyed great food in a beautiful setting with the beach, a stone throw away.


First up was the Confit Duck Taco which was filled with shredded seasoned duck and a citrus leek salsa. It was topped with a bed of organic leaves and an Asian dressing. The portions were quite sizeable for an appetizer as pictured above. The taco shells were soft, chewy and melted seamlessly together with the sweet and savory flavours of the duck filling.

Did someone say Happy Hour? I would have to say hands down, the best Mai Tai I have had so far. The refreshing flavours of the cocktail were sweet with a subtle punch, not to mention the pretty garnishes were fitting for two ladies. I couldn’t say no to a second glass.


Pictured below was my friend’s meal who opted for a healthier lunch, which was the Yellow Fin Tuna Salad. It came with a mix of organic leaves, avocado, toasted almonds, fresh mango, seaweed, yuzu dressing and wonton chips. I tasted a bite of the salad which was crisp, fresh, light and tantalizing to the tongue, however I prefer a more solid meal when it comes to choosing my main, as you will see below.


For my main, I had the pleasure of indulging in the Bell Pepper-Crusted Shrimp Tempura dish. This was served with an Asian ginger sauce and a sweet chilli sauce, french fries and seasoned fried okra. The shrimp was crunchy on the outside, and tender underneath. The sauces were yummy dipping choices for not only the shrimp, but the fries and okra too. I love colourful food, and the okra didn’t disappoint with it’s favourable taste and texture.


If you know me, you know I love desserts! This Decadent Dark Chocolate Pop was served chilled and filled with a smooth, rich dark chocolate filling, crumbs of a crispy spiced cinnamon cookie, roasted banana vanilla ice-cream and caramel sauce. This dessert was rich, creamy and a beautiful ending to a three course lunch.


Tapestry is located at Treasure Beach Hotel, Paynes Bay, St. James. Check them out here: https://bit.ly/2wdLv1R

As always, thank you for visiting Bajan Bite, I hope you enjoyed the read!:)

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