Like many local restaurants in Barbados blessed with a comfortable and scenic atmosphere, Rolli’s is no exception. Being located in the heart of Pelican Village (a local center filled with culture, local arts and crafts, and small businesses), this laid back bar and restaurant serves up some pretty good food without “brekkin ya pocket”.IMG_9548

This was my second time dining at Rolli’s. I was accompanied by my good friend Gregg, who introduced me to it, after deciding we wanted to go grab some lunch. Before placing our food order we decided to scan the cocktails menu and chose the Muddy Water and Rolli’s Bajan Rum Punch.

Not the most photogenic drink, but definitely worthy of a mention. This cocktail is called the Muddy Water, which included brown rum and tamarind juice; so refreshing and not too strong for me. It was the epitome of a well balanced “day drink”. I would classify it as a great cool me down, suited for an incredibly hot day in Barbados.


The Rolli’s Bajan Rum Punch however is much more visually inviting, and not for the weak. WARNING light weights, this concoction will spike your senses, leaving you feeling buzzed with a smile on your face . Not only was this cocktail as pretty as a Bajan Sunset, but the grenadine syrup adds such a sweet flavour, and the nutmeg sprinkled on top is a perfect compliment to the drink when all stirred together.

IMG_4402The first time I visited I tried their beef burger, and this time I decided to once again indulge in my inner fatty, and destroy their famous Mustard Chicken. The chicken was marinated in the chef’s special mustard sauce, and was prepared as seasoned pan fried chicken strips. A sweet but slightly tangy mustard sauce was drizzled on top of the chicken, which was placed over a bed of fries, served with a toss salad in a creamy dressing, and oh so sweet plantains – my favourite. The chicken strips were succulent and crunchy with every bite. Plated with seasoned fries, the sweetness from the plantains and the salad dressing bring together a savory palette balance and it all works. IMG_4400 copy Is your mouth watering yet?

Thank you so much for visiting Bajan Bite! 🙂

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