I love my Barbadian culture, especially when it comes to the food… I am Bajan to de bone! 4 days ago on November 30, 2016, Barbados celebrated their 50th Independence, which was largely celebrated throughout the island for the entire year. Patriotism could not done! Some incredibly patriotic Bajans decorated their homes and even their cars, to celebrate our Nation’s 50th. I’ve included some photos at the end of my post, enjoy!

Sugar Cakes

Sugar cakes can come in a wide variety of colours including red, green, pink, white, and brown to name a few. These little “cakes” are mostly made of coconut and sugar. I recently however came across these specially flavored sugar cakes, which came in banana and blueberry: absolutely delicious! The third picture is of pink and green sugar cakes with guava cheese and tamarind balls. Click here for review: http://www.bazodeemag.com/bazoblog/2016/7/24/bajan-bite-bazodee


Independence Flag Cookies

These adorable cookies baked into the shape of the Barbadian Flag, come from Sassy Cookies, locally made in Barbados. Each cookie “sandwich” is filled with Bajan Cherry and Vanilla Cream, placed in between two cookies, drizzled with hard icing. Made fresh to order, these cookies were an incredible mash of crunchy and creamy, with a sweet vs. a slightly tart filling, equaling one GREAT COMBO! These patriotic odes to Barbados are not only innovative, but truly a delicious dessert. To place an order click here: https://www.facebook.com/SassyCookiesBarbados/


Pudding and Souse

A very traditional Saturday lunch for Bajans is essentially pickled pork and steamed sweet potato, served with a side of breadfruit. It is always one of the best ways to start your weekend when in you’re in Bim.


Salt Bread

Bajans love a salt bread! These similarly shaped-like buns have the exact right proportion of salt, and are as soft as a baby’s bottom! Bajans love to eat salt bread with almost anything, but some traditional forms of dressing up the bread, which have their own signature names for the sandwiches, include with Flying Fish aka “A Fish Cutter“, with 2 Fishcakes aka “A Bread An’ Two“, and with Cheese aka “Cheese Cutter“.



These little puff pastries are filled with salt fish and are traditional Bajan bites. For the recipe click here: https://bajanbite.com/2016/04/06/bajan-fish-cakes/



A really good conkie is filled with coconut, nutmeg, pumpkin, and sweet potato, melting in your mouth with every bite! My favorite conkies come from Ms. Petra, are the moistest, most flavourful, and heavenly conkies I have ever tasted…For the full article click here: https://bajanbite.com/2016/08/10/conkies-sweet-like-sugah/


Sweet Bread

Filled with an abundance of fresh coconut, maraschino cherries, and raisins, this tightly packed dessert is baked into the same rectangular shape as a loaf of bread; hence the name Coconut Bread also known as Sweet Bread by locals. For the full article click here: https://bajanbite.com/2016/05/03/coconut-bread/



Refreshing. Tantalizing to my palate. A sweet taste of Barbados. Mauby can be made from either the tree bark or the syrup. If you ask almost any Bajan who enjoys this drink, what is their preferred Mauby syrup, they will tell you “Sweet and Dandy!”. For the full article on Mauby click here: https://bajanbite.com/2016/07/13/for-the-love-of-mauby/


Bajan Patriotic Independence Homes
fullsizerender11As always, thank you for visiting Bajan Bite, I hope you enjoyed the read!:)

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