I honestly have to say that out of all the conkies in the whole of Buhbados… these conkies made by Petra are the moistest, most flavourful, and heavenly conkies I have ever tasted. Sold fresh and warm out of the oven, Ms. Petra  sells these beautiful tributes to our culture every Sunday at New Dimensions Ministries after the church service. I can honestly say that if there’s a Sunday where she hasn’t had the chance to bake conkies that weekend, those babies are very much missed by her regulars who look forward to these little tributes of Bajan culture.

With every bite you can taste the coconut, you can taste the nutmeg, pumpkin, and sweet potato. All of the spices compliment each other perfectly in her signature blend, which never disappoint. Maintaining the tradition of wrapping the conkies in banana leaves, gives not only a beautiful presentation of the food, but also is incredible for retaining and maximising the flavours; in one compact wrapping.


So, if you’re looking for authentic traditional conkies, I encourage you to try one of hers!

Also check out an article I wrote for one of our local Magazines – Bazodee, where I mention my lickrish faves for the month, including conkies!

Bajan Bite & Bazodee “Our Lickrish Faves For The Month”

As always, thank you for visiting Bajan Bite, I hope you enjoyed the read!:)

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