Rooftop dining. Tranquil ambiance. Romantic, cozy atmosphere. Cafe Luna offers a charming setting (as I say to myself, “Awe, I should’ve captured that on camera!)”, located across the street from the sea. The air was cool and date night was in full swing; as we were seated and excitedly read the diverse collection of locally infused cocktails and dishes.

To start we shared the “large shrimp (guyana)” spiced rub and grilled with local gooseberry bernaise and balsamic syrup. The juicy shrimp paired seamlessly with the creamy bernaise which was topped with a balsamic syrup – all the flavours sang in harmony. I was really impressed with the unique inclusion of the local fruit gooseberry.

Large Shrimp (Guyana)
Large Shrimp (Guyana)

Our second shared starter was from the featured sushi menu (which I believe is only available on Thursday nights) – was the Shrimp Tempura roll filled with avocado, crispy potato, cucumber and topped with spicy mayo. The sushi was decent, however I would’ve preferred a much more generous drizzle of spicy mayo!

Tempura Shrimp Sushi

There’s nothing like a “Silky Passion Punch” cocktail to awaken the senses! A fabulous mix with the local fruits soursop and passion fruit, silver rum and elderflower. This was honestly unbelievably delicious with heavenly chunks of soursop!

Silky Passion Punch

Now for the mains. I chose the rack of lamb – grilled with a local breadnut pesto and sorrel syrup. Crisp vegetables and a flavourful potato cake were served as sides. The seasonings from the lamb were really incredible. The sorrel syrup added an almost candied taste, which marinated the meat beautifully. I ordered my lamb medium – well, however it tasted a tad more on the well done side. Nevertheless, a very enjoyable meal.

Rack of Lamb
Rack of Lamb

My other half ordered the beef tenderloin – pan seared with local tamarind wine demi glace and stilton butter; also served with crisp vegetables and the potato cake. The beef was moist and succulent. The tamarind wine soaked in the juices from the rich stilton butter and the beef – just…muah! magnifique!

Beef Tenderloin
Beef Tenderloin

We were so stuffed from the starter, sushi and mains, we didn’t have any room for dessert, unfortunately… Overall we gave this restaurant a thumbs up! The ambiance was amazing and we enjoyed some tasty food with unique Bajan ingredients.

As always, thank you for visiting Bajan Bite. I hope you enjoyed the read! 🙂

One thought on “Cafe Luna

  1. I’ve been here for lunch on my birthday more than once…indeed the ambience is lovely!! Always said I must try dinner there too


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