The Bajan behind the Bites

Bajan girl with a huge belly (stomach) at heart and a passion for food.

This blog will introduce you to Barbadian (a.k.a Bajan) cuisines, healthy recipes, and not so healthy recipes I enjoy 🙂

Growing up in Barbados, I have always had a love for food, cooking and baking. My parents have been huge inspirations for me as they were my first teachers for everything, including how to make sure I could feed myself with wholesome cooking. Baking was my initial first love during my childhood years, but I soon shifted to being creative through cooking in the kitchen. As I got older and grew, so did my passion for food. Anyone who knows me can attest that when my belly (bajan for stomach) is empty, I am definitely not a happy camper.

In between cooking and enjoying food, I also love relaxing on the beach (Barbados has some of the most beautiful, crystal clear beaches in the worlddd), discovering new recipes, photography, reading a really good book, and spending time with family and friends. 🙂

Barbados is so special to me, I wanted to incorporate some of my favorite local delicacies to share with the world. Thank you so much for visiting my site! Hopefully you left with your mouth watering, you found something you loved, and you learned how to make a Bajan treat!


Photo of me hanging out in one of my favorite Miami neighborhoods, Wynwood 🙂In wynwood

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